We service nearly all


pinball machines.

Who we are

The Pittsburgh Pinball Rescue Company has been in business since 2013 repairing pinball machines and arcade games.
We started out as a single-person operation but quickly grew to 3 employees.

Brian is the owner and has been repairing machines since 1994 when he worked at Time Out Arcade in Northway Mall. After that he has had several arcade jobs. He worked at Pocket Change at Ross Park Mall, he managed the arcade when Pizza Joe's in Butler had an arcade, and he also has had several electronics jobs mixed in over his lifetime. He worked for 13 years building gas detection instruments for a leading manufacturer in Cranberry Twp. It was here where he honed his soldering skills and repair techniques.

Ron is a technician and has worked with Brian since 2015 bringing his excellent mechanical skills and quickly learning the electronics skills required to diagnose and repair these complex machines. Ron's excellent work ethic keeps everyone on target and on pace to get the job done. Ron is quick, efficient, and not afraid to get the job done, no matter what.

Travis is also a technician and has joined the team officially in 2021, but he's offered his services on and off since 2013. He is quickly learning the inner workings of pinball machines and is often able to solve problems using unorthodox methods. Travis brings an uncanny and seemingly instinctual ability to solder components when most others would fail.

What we do

The Pittsburgh Pinball Rescue Company repairs pinball machines, arcade games, dart boards, and most redemption machines. We are one of the few repair companies that will perform housecalls, repair machines on-site, or offer to transport the more extensive jobs back to the shop at no additional charge.

We repair machines from all the big manufacturers.

We also do full machine "shop jobs" inlcuding everything from simple repairs, maintenance, upgrades, all the way up to full playfield swaps, hardtop installations, and complete circuit board servicing.

All circuit boards are repaired in-house and not farmed out to a 3rd party which keeps you from paying inflated prices.

We pride ourselves in treating your machine as if it were our own, and we repair it to the same quality we'd repair our own machines to.

Why we do it

We know that not everyone has the knowledge , tools, or capability to repair machines on their own.
This is where we come in!

There's nothing worse than having a non-working arcade game or pinball machines sitting in your basement for years because nobody could repair it. Give us a call and we'll get that machine back up and running to be enjoyed by friends and family for years to come.

Imagine being able to play that arcade game or pinball machine that's been gathering dust for the last 20 years!

We can fix that flippin' machine!